Auto Air Conditioning

auto air-conditioning

For all your auto and vehicle air conditioning needs including repairs, refills and diagnostics, call Mandurah Diesel today and we'll get you motoring.

Auto Electrical Service

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Mandurah Diesel provide Auto-Electrical services too. For electrical repairs, inspections or re-wiring, call Mandurah Diesel today on (08) 9581 6572.

Auto Air Conditioning

auto air-conditioningAuto air conditioning gas can escape from your Climate Control system over time. This may be caused through leakage or damage to piping within the system. Damage occurs due to years of vibration and the wearing of rubber parts like rings and seals.

Mandurah Diesel can remedy this by conducting thorough leak checks of your complete air conditioning system followed by ”a re-gas” -  the removal and refill of your refrigeration gas in your AC or Climate Control System.

Manufacturers recommend that auto air conditioning systems, and climate control systems, are serviced every two years. It is also recommended that you run your air conditioning system in the Winter months to keep pipes and seals well lubricated with refrigerant gas lubrication.

Remember, you can count on Mandurah Diesel when it comes to inspecting, refilling or repairing your vehicle’s air conditioning system, every time.